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Stag is a classic dirty, sexual, animalic, musk. Part classical lust magic philter of old and part elegant perfume. Made with the arousing stink horn fungus extract, deer antler velvet, civet, castoreum, vanillin, a perfume such as this has never been made. Stag is dedicated to the horned one of the deep forest, that powerful symbol of sexual power, the verdant virility and fertility of nature at its most primal. This is the liminal mask of placing the stags horns upon your head and feeling it’s raw beauty and power.

*Caution do not wear if you are pregnant.

Stag sigil by Morgan Singer

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1 ml (sample), 4 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml


  1. Andrew Haight (verified owner)

    A desirously intoxicating scent which dries down to the essence of pure virility.

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