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Many years ago, at the beginning of his perfumers path, while training in Amazonian Shamanry he met a spirit of legend who claimed to be his new ally. Hovering before him in Vilca snuff visions was La Sirena, the amazonian river spirit renowned for her beauty, love magic and for the occasional drowning, and innocent kidnappings to the underwater world’s they inhabit.

He was instructed by her to do simple offerings to her at tidal shores allowing the offerings to be claimed by the tide. The first of which was that of a perfume. She requested a perfume to be made of Jasmine, rose, bergamot and sandalwood. And so Marcus clumsily created his first perfume like a new lover. He placed it in the sand, in a private cove on the Pacific coast, and sang to her as the tide came in, claiming his gift to her.

From that point on she taught him, and guided him in the magic that is of desire and the heart. She guided beauty to him so that he could ally himself with beauty, and work with beauty. He was shown how she drowns those with her innocent beauty, often delightfully and dangerously unaware of these actions, just as blooming jasmine flowers have no idea the stirring of the heart of those passing by on a dark street at midnight.

This perfume is based on the first perfume made by House of Orpheus perfumer Marcus McCoy. Each batch is placed on his Mesa, where La Sirena is called upon to bless each bottle and to make the perfume a doorway to those who seek her. Caution be advised to those that seek, never turn your back on the ocean, never disrespect the sea, and always be careful what you ask for.

La Sirena is a classic feminine floral, high notes of hyacinth, Jasmine Sambac, Citrus, Rose, slight civet and white musk notes, with a an dry down of sensual Oud and sandalwood. The perfume is exalted with the Alchemical oil of copper, and prepared on Friday in the hour of Venus.

*This is a hybrid perfume. Working with naturals and synthetics and may be sensitive to those with allergies.

** This product is currently prelaunch because of the demand, and our designer has not yet printed our labels. Bottle will come labeled as house of Orpheus.

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