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An oud perfume by House of Orpheus… Like smoke riding on the fierce winds of Boreas. With notes of ancient forests, hinoki, oud, decaying leaves, black leather, coffin wood, stolen smoke, and magic… dark arboreal magic…

Created as a custom talismanic perfume for the embodiment of the trickster, magician, storyteller, and shape changer that is Raven, a ritual olfactory mask.

“Boreas, whose wint’ry blasts, terrific, tear the bosom of the deep surrounding air;
Cold icy pow’r, approach, and fav’ring blow, and Thrace a while desert expos’d to snow
The misty station of the air dissolve, with pregnant clouds, whose frames in show’rs resolve
Serenely temper all within the sky, and wipe from moisture, Æther’s beauteous eye.”—Orpheus

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