Palo Santo Water


Palo Santo water House distilled


Agua de Palo Santo distilled by House of Orpheus perfume alchemist and perfumero Marcus McCoy. What makes a hydrosol different than a essential oil spritzer? Most scented essential oil waters are an essential oil added to ethanol and diluted in distilled water. Ours is distilled, and through the distillation process each particle of water is bound to the essential oil, through the magic and mystery of the alchemical still, the element of water is married to the soul of palo santo. Palo santo is a tree worked with as an incense in south american traditions. It is burned for the purpose of protection and cleansing. As an incense it is combined and released by the element of fire, as a water, the soul of the plant is empowered and spread through the element of water.

Enjoy a 60 ml bottle of our in house distilled Palo santo water.


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Weight 2 oz
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1 ml (sample), 4 ml, 30 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml