Nefertum’s Flower


Nefertum’s flower… scent of the god of perfumes…



“Nefertum, the Egyptian god of perfume, beauty, healing, fertility, and the morning sun. Often depicted with a blue lotus headdress and standing on the back of a lion, Nefertum was both a symbol of beauty and power, healing and virility. One legend stated that Nefertum brought an aging Ra a bouquet of flowers to ease his suffering. He has since been described in the Pyramid Texts as “the lotus blossom which is before us.” The Book of the Dead states the blessed dead will “Rise like Nefertum from the lotus, to the nostrils of Ra, and come fourth upon the horizon of each day.

This perfume is sacred offering to the god of perfumes, for the embodiment of his qualities in those that choose to wear it.

Notes are based upon the scents sacred to him, and that we associated with his holiness… Notes of civet, Egyptian musk, saffron, and blue lotus flower.


This is an all natural perfume



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