Miel Blaireau, Honey Badger




Honey Badger was a limited edition perfume that made its way to FRAGments: Underground, Artisan and Indie Perfume Event/Collective in Los angeles a few years ago. It became a lusty favorite amoung the other perfumers and gained a lot of attention with lovers of dirty sexy musks. Originally named as a playful jab towards another animal Themed perfume house, Honey Badger was made to actually emulate the epic and raw carnality of the famed honey badger as well as to bring out the total irreverence of its social media portrayal holding to the moto of, “Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit.”

Honey badger is a Dirty Honey Musk scent, sweet, animalic, with sexual notes that are related to some refer as the scents of sodomy. We have only made available 15, 15ml bottles of this limited edition perfume, suited for both men, women, and all those in between. when it is gone it is gone… it may return another day… just maybe… each bottle is peppered with stamens of safflower and sealed with a golden wax “B”.




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