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Cyprian is a very special perfume dedicated to the Patron St. of sorcerers. Volumes have been filled on the subject of Cyprian and countless books have been said to be scribed by him or at the least influenced. There has not in my knowledge been one single sorcerer form the old world who has had such a vast impact on modern practitioners of esoteric traditions today. One take tutelage and refuge under this heretical folk saint for forbidden knowledge. Upon the saints request on his feast day I created a perfume in his honor, honoring the northern coastal Peruvian shamanic tradition that works with him so intimately that I also work within. Upon his instruction a perfume was made following the formula for an old Iberian anointing oil dedicated to working with Cyprian. The formula was elevated and connected to the south american traditions by the addition of Palo Santo extrait.

The perfume is made on his holy day after his invocation. Only the finest and rarest boutique distillations of frankincense and myrrh are used in this formula. Notes of rue and hyssop work with cedar and bay to create a herbal yet woody bay cologne scent. In each bottle the traditional Brazilian Ponto of Cyprian is drawn upon a bay leaf causing the drawing to become transparent in the bottle.

This perfume has the action of empowering ones work, increasing ones power, and removing all malignant forces. This is also a bridge to Cyprian himself, a direct line to the folk saint. It can also be used for divination. In his Cast iron pot, add seven drops of perfume for the act of scrying. Ask him your question and allow the images to form in the water as the perfume becomes liquid smoke.

Note: 4.4ml bottle does not come with inscribed bay leaf.

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