Cunning Man


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Quickly becoming one of our more popular scents, Cunning Man is a leather, tobacco, oud blend. Made to be reminiscent of the scent of finely made leather bound Grimoires in rooms filled with incense smoke. The perfume is a bridge, a gateway, and a mask of the Cunning Man archetype, that which is the magician, the sorcerer, the mage… It is for those who identify with the conjurer, the necromancers of old, the thaumaturgist. Those that perpetuate the mystery…

Notes of cade, strong leather, tobacco, oak absolute, real oakmoss and boutique distilled artisian myrrh.

*Warning real oakmoss resinoid is used in this perfume. For those who are prone to oak moss photosensitivity caution in wearing the perfume directly on the skin is advised

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  1. James (verified owner)

    An amazing and wonderful scent! Like nothing available elsewhere. I will be incorporating Cunning Man into my daily ritual for as long as available!

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