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Charuto is a custom perfume made for a friend and a practitioner of traditional spiritism. Some of the common threads between spiritism practices around the world, is the relationship they have to tobacco. Tobacco is worked with in Africa in much the same ways it is worked with spiritually in the Andes, or North American indigenous peoples, or in Hati, of the amazon basin. Tobacco is held as a sacred yet visceral and sensual spirit, that teaches, heals, protects, and feeds the spirits. That which is related to with respect becomes a medicine instead of a poison, a teacher instead if a vice.
Charuto is a perfume created as an amouge to tobacco, and the sacred traditions that work with this powerful plant around the world. It is produced with black amazonian jungle tobacco, oud, ethically sourced Castoreum, and cedar, to create the effect of the scent of a cigar box. It is strong, sensual, and alluring…

This perfume is a natural synthetic hybrid focusing on the creation of a supurd high quality perfume.
This perfume is made in its ruling hour and day of Saturn.

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