Cain Cologne


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Cain cologne the scent of the forge, the first black smith, master of the chthonian mysteries, bringer of plow, and spear. The first black smith was Tubal Cain. The amazing progenitor of nations to some, witch father to others.
This cologne is dedicated to the first Black smith, and as some know the black smith is also one of the first and most feared historical sorcerers. The scent is a liminal mask, calling that primordial being to us with the scents as offerings to it.
Notes include, sweat, turned earth, coal smoke, iron, and leather. The cologne is made with two special ingredients, the  made in house, alchemically dry distilled oil of fossilized amber, and the Alchemical oil of meteorite, also known as sky iron, a metal most rare.
Become the spear…

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