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“The hall of All mother Harmonia [in the vault of heaven], where that Nymph dwelt in a house, self-built, shaped like the great universe with its four quarters joined in one. Four portals were about that stronghold standing proof against the four Aetai (Winds). Handmaids protected this dwelling on all sides, a round image of the universe: the doors were allotted–Anatolia (Rising) was the maid who attended the East Wind’s (Euros’) gate; at the West Wind’s (Zephyros’) was Dysis (Setting) the nurse of Selene; Mesembrias (Midday) held the bold of the fiery South (Notos); Arktos the Bear was the servant who opened the gate of the North (Boreas), thick with clouds and sprinkled with hail.” ~Nonnus, Dionysiaca 41. 263 ff : 

Arktos is the warm heart of the bear, a strong but gentle scent clean and clear like the northern sky.  Made with a honey spirit, Arktos has notes of Black Agar, Ambergris, Vanilla, Tonka, Oud, and classical Amber.

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