If you have read some of Marcus McCoys articles on lines you know he is madly in love with the esoteric use of perfume. For those that wish to explore that mystery with him deeper he will be offering a teleconference class March 3rd 2016. To register for the class please see the details on our face event invitation. https://www.facebook.com/events/1106407446037732/   *wpid-img_0940.jpgHouse of Orpheus perfumer Marcus McCoy will be teaching an hour and a half class on esoteric traditions in perfuming, its history and foundation in incense, and its current use in folk traditions, religions, and shamanry. He will also be speaking on talismanic perfumes, a created by his partner, perfumer, and master herbalist Catamara Rosarium, as well as the unique concept of liminal perfume, creating and wearing perfume to be that which we also are. Marcus has studied Peruvian perfumerismo, and will be discussing how we can learn from its example, very new and different ways if relating to scent and perfume. Class will be done via teleconference call, and will be held at Pacific standard time. Those who cannot attend will be able to buy the class recording. PayPal instructions and teleconference number will be sent to those who have paid on the 2nd of March, the day before class. The class will be $75 for one and a half hours. For those who cannot attend, the class will be recorded and available for purchase.