The Orphic hymns of old Greece were evocations and praise to the gods and spirits of the ancient Greek world. The shamanic like figure who wrote them added an incense to be burned as an offering to each. The burning of incense in the Greek world became huge as history and times changed… the act of burning incense resins helped to create entire empires due to the need and frequency of burning during religious rituals. Greek Orthodox Monasteries were built due to the need for specialized incense resins and innovated the process of of compounding incense resins with other scents. Scents like Rose oil, cedar wood, jasmine flowers, and more complex formulations were formed creating with mastery solid incense resins that were not available in nature but through their holy art.

These incense resins are still being made by monasteries today, it is a coveted art form that is not shared or taught outside of the monastery to anyone. It has been my obsession to figure out how it is done for many years now. Not only have I succeeded in my quest for learning the secrets of compounded incense resins but I have discovered a new innovation of shaping and forming the incense resins to any shape I desire. I have succeeded in taking my perfume formulas and transferring them perfectly to a burnable incense resin formed into a shape associated with the perfume. Adding sympathetic image magic to the process of working with incense ritually. This had never been accomplished before and it is an innovation I am very proud of as I have been working towards this goal for a very long time. Special thanks to Dan Riegler and Jack Chaitman for shared thoughts and insights along the way as well as some tremendously great materials to work with.

Here are some samples of what I have been creating. Each incense is hand made and requires approximately an hour for each one to be completed. They are only now available on the House of Orpheus Etsy page.



Black Myrrh and Black Olibanum


Green Diable Oakmoss, frankincense, vetiver

il_570xN.1130159498_32v4  The Green man