Liminal perfumes are akin to a mask one wear’s in a sacred ceremony. The mask shapes our identity, transforms us, they act like an antenna for mysterious forces that can work through us, that we can be for that liminal time. Like the shaman or priest that wears the mask of a sacred animal, god, or powerful ancestor, once the mask is put on a transformation occurs, they are not who they once were. My perfumes are made for that exact purpose.


I am currently making custom perfumes for clients who understand this work. The latest was a perfume dedicated to the Egyptian god Thoth, which will be released soon.
Clients interested in custom perfumes are asked to think of this as asking for a mask. What mask do you wish to have created, who or what do you wish to embody? What archetypal power do you wish to invite into your life?
The customized perfume process will be 200$ and will include the first bottle in an antique style bottle, and will include the names of the genius of the perfume and its kaema sigils.
Feel free to contact me with details.