Recently I’ve been asked to start writing for the perfume blog Cafleurebon… I’ve attempted to keep the articles focused and rather educational relating to the more esoteric aspects of perfuming. I will cross post the links here on this blog so that subscribers here know what’s new.


Here’s my latest article!
I will also be doing reviews of other perfumes, and producing two articles a month there. People who are interested in being reviewed please send in some samples, feel free to send me an email, or contact me through FB.

Other things that are new at House of Orpheus, we will be doing photo shoots for our next two perfumes. The water of Lilit perfume will be taken by another photographer and model who I think will be quite amazing. Verum will also be shot by a different photographer than myself. Tomorrow we will be setting up an amazing stage for the photos and I am very excited about it.
We’ve also gotten some new alchemical oils to being working with… When this happens new perfume formulas tend to emerge from the ethers.
Our alchemical oils come from Avery Hopkins at Kymia arts.


Kymia alchemical arts

Some of the new oils include a honey quintessence.

Spiritually the Quintessence of Honey helps to awaken the consciousness within. Pulling you away from cyclical modes of thinking and behavior, you can gaze upon the world with eyes unclouded. Deep sensations of joy, happiness, peace, and contentment are aroused with the use of this oil. Life purpose and direction are also found to be recognized and understood when Honey is incorporated. Love of life, love of Nature, and love of self ooze from your being making these states of existence and understanding infectious to all around you. Avery Hopkins

As well as an incredible oil of amber

Spiritually the Oil of Amber lends great vitality to the individual. Mentally clarity and alertness are cultivated, intuitive understanding diffuses throughout the mind and body, and appreciation for life at large is expressed through ones presence. Emotional upsets are seen to be soothed. Heartbreak, confusions, and uncertainties of all kinds gently dissolve to reveal inner peace and allow the individual to be present. -Avery Hopkins alchemist…

As we love honey another honey focused perfume is being planned.  So stay tuned!

We are also selling a limited edition bottle of guru Deva that you will not want to miss the opportunity to buy. Made with the planetary election of Jupiter by Modern day Cunning man and author Eric Purdue. Which can be obtained here. Perfume includes the sigils of the ruling Daemons, and is held in a wooden case stained by hand made black walnut ink.